If you are looking to reinvigorate an
existing brand or create an entirely
new proposition in your marketplace,
please contact Rebecca...

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Turning strategy into action with integrated
services to help you build your brand

Brand Research

Understanding current perceptions of your brand is an important starting point in any brand development process. Rebecca has a range of research tools she can use to help you gain a 360° view of your current brand. She can also put in place the essential customer and employee satisfaction surveys that will allow you to track progress from year-to-year.

The research Rebecca undertakes is designed to get everyone who is involved in brand-led programmes on to the same page, with an agreed understanding of where key strengths lie and what areas need improvement. You won't get long winded, empirical research reports from Rebecca. What you will get is pithy insight and an independent assessment of what customers, employees, partners and the media really think about your business.

Key offerings
  • face-to-face interviews
  • telephone surveys
  • focus groups
  • postal surveys
  • online surveys
  • brand identity audit
  • competitor brand audit

Branding Strategy

Rebecca has worked with diverse leadership teams to turn dry business strategy and market insight into a powerful branding vision that informs, engages and inspires. She starts from the premise that this is your brand not hers, and that your ideas and ambitions must lie at the heart of any successful outcome. Rebecca is an experienced and challenging facilitator and has a track record in achieving consensus and clarity in remarkably short timeframes. Her approach and methodology get results in the most demanding situations.

Key offerings
  • workshop planning
  • workshop facilitation
  • brand proposition document

Brand Identity

With a clearly defined branding strategy acting as the brief, Rebecca translates this into creative concepts that will define a host of marketing communications activities. Your branding is made real through images, colour, typography, logotypes, design layouts, messages, copywriting styles and media choices.


Comms Planning

How will you reach your internal and external audiences? Working with your existing marketing team, Rebecca will help to define detailed internal and external communications plans with budgets, schedules, priorities, responsibilities and briefs.


Design Implementation

As a trained designer, Rebecca and her small team of domain experts are able to deliver a host of design projects for print, advertising, display, new media and presentation applications. From the barest of briefs, Rebecca can scope, write, design, specify and deliver projects in remarkably short timescales.

Key offerings
  • brand identity
  • print
  • advertising
  • display
  • new media
  • audio-visual

Brand Management

With a significant investment in your branding, Rebecca will help to ensure that any investment made in your branding delivers a genuine return. She will coach your internal marketing team to become effective brand guardians and will help you to establish a brand development team of external service providers. Rebecca Battman will ensure you establish the basic systems and processes that you need to build, design and manage your brand.

Key offerings
  • coaching of marketing team
  • briefing external brand development partners
  • asset management systems
  • brand guidelines

Strategic Bid Support

Rebecca has helped many leading IT Services businesses to develop high level communications materials to support strategic bids. This requires facilitation of the leadership teams involved to help them agree a clear vision for the programme and to define and articulate their key win themes.

Where consortia are involved, the guidance of an independent third party can make a real difference, especially when the bid is under extreme time pressures. The strategic messages are used as the basis of a range of audio-visual, digital and printed communications. Mounting a £ multimillion or £ multi-billion bid for an IT services contract is a time-consuming and onerous task with the need to be highly compliant and detailed in your response. The ability to be able to communicate the essence of the solution clearly, consistently and creatively is a strategic advantage.


Branding Workshops

Rebecca has been asked by clients including the Design Council, GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo and numerous advertising and product agencies to facilitate workshops on their behalf. As an independent external facilitator Rebecca is able to define clear objectives, keep the parties involved on track and ensure outcomes are clearly identified. She uses a range of exercises and techniques to help groups explore creative strategies and to keep politics and personalities out of the workshop!


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It's been 10 years since Rebecca set up as an independent, freelance brand consultant. A lot has changed since then and it's increasingly about the team. We’re now known as

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If you are looking to reinvigorate an
existing brand or create an entirely
new proposition in your marketplace,
please contact Rebecca...

Office 01926 678368
Mobile 07785 771547

Rebecca Battman Ltd, 17 Chapel Court, Portland Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5EW